Pet Reiki

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Healing and reiki can be used safely for all conditions with no adverse side effects, either for maintenance of good health or as a preventive method, re-balancing the energy field to prevent illnesses or diseases, and to give a sense of well-being and peace.

It can help animals to recover from a number of physical conditions and emotional or behaviour problems, such as stress, fear, aggression, loss, trauma and shock. It is also recommended to help with adaptation to new environments, rescue, re-homing, travelling, moving houses, changes in the family circle, etc.

Don’t underestimate the power of healing in case of terminally ill pets: used as palliative care, this gentle complementary therapy eases the pain and helps your animal companion to pass peacefully when time arrives. Healing sessions can be the most compassionate and comforting end of life care you could give to your friend at the time of transition, and for you too, at times of difficult decisions surrounding the life of your pet.

Please remember that if your animal is ill, the first course of action should always be a vet. Animal healing is a complimentary therapy and not a substitute for good veterinary care. After visiting the vet, healing will enhance any treatment, and support the animal on the emotional and/or physical levels.