Pet Reiki

Paula's pet care in London: house sitting, pet sitting, healing, reiki


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As a big fan of Solidarity Economy, I offer my services on a pay what you feel right basis. I believe it is the most fair and honest way to work with something I love so much – and it allows me to offer my services to those who may not be able to afford proper care for their beloved pets. Through my own experience, I find it balances out nicely. I also accept FairCoin.

House and Pet Sitting Services

I offer trustworthy house sitting combined with loving pet sitting in London. It means excellent animal care in the comfort of their own homes – your pets will miss you when you go on holidays, they don’t need to be under any more stress than that! Have a treat, will travel to any post code commutable to Central London.

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Face to muzzle healing

I do face to face healing on a donation basis to allow it to be as accessible as possible. This means that I do not charge for the energy I channel but accept voluntary contributions for my time whenever possible. These donations support my studies and will enable me to eventually work as an animal healer.

If you live in London, I will travel to your home, as pets will feel more comfortable at their own territories, and it will avoid the stress of traveling especially if they are not feeling well or don’t travel easily (like cats or birds!). Alternatively, we can meet in a park or somewhere convenient (but calm) for both of us.

The first contact session usually lasts for around 1 hour and will include a holistic chat about your animal. Follow up visits can last between 30 minutes and 1 hour – this can vary according to the animal desire to receive healing. During the the first visit, we will agree on any subsequent treatments whenever necessary.

The animal is in control of the process, and he/she will decide whether it prefers hands-on or hands-off healing, or healing at a short distance. I can also offer healing for you or other family members alongside with your pet, so that you can share this wonderful experience. This may add more time to the session.

Please use this form to book a session. Also check the code of ethics and the UK legislation regarding animal healing.

Distant healing

As reiki/healing energy is not limited by distance, time or space, you can request distant healing through the Animal Healing Circle. We are a group of healers who meet in the energy field on Wednesday nights to send healing to animals in need. We send distant healing to pets and wild animals anywhere in the world every Wednesday, from 9:00 to 9:30 pm GMT. We do not charge for this work.

Pet loss chat

I know what it feels like to lose a much-loved pet, whether through death, parting or enforced separation, and how healing it can be to share your loss with people who understand it and will not minimise your pain. In a pet loss chat, I will listen to anything you would talk about to bring in connection to your pets.

This is not a counselling session, although I am a Psychosynthesis counsellor in training, but an opportunity for you to share your feelings when you are struggling to cope with the loss of a pet, find support in a time of grief and explore ways to live with the loss whislt honouring the life of your pet.