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A Goat

The she-goat that changed my life lives in Coram’s Fields Children’s Park in Holborn. But since the day I met her, precisely on September 8, 2012, she lives in my heart.

It was a nice summer Saturday in London and as I walked across the City with my husband, I was telling him how much animal healing fascinated me and how I was inspired by all the amazing stories I had read in books by Kathleen PrasadElizabeth WhiterMargrit Coates.

I was telling him how I wished I had the gift, because I had plenty of love, but I was not sure if I could do it (you know when you think you are never not good enough?). Then my husband stopped saying: “look, there is a goat!”. I quickly thought before turning: “A goat? In the middle of Holborn? Did I misunderstand it? Did he mean a ghost?”.

Then I looked around and indeed he did mean a goat! There she was, white, soaking up the sun in the back of the park. I never knew there was an urban farm right in the middle of London, so many times I had walked around there!

I stopped to watch the goat and decided to, mentally, offer her some healing. I grounded and attuned myself, as usual, and offered my services, saying that I was all available should she need it. The goat did not blink an eye!

But then, another goat put her face outside the pen, looked as if to see who was calling and came to my direction in a straight line. She looked in my eyes, as if saying “yes please, I would like some healing”, and I touched her lovingly before positioning my hands open. She then moved to her side, and put her ribs in between my hands – and then I realised she was pregnant.

I don’t know how long we stayed there, together. I felt as one with this goat. After a while, she turned to face me again, looking once more straight into my eyes, and I could feel all her gratitude. She then turned around and left – exactly like the books described the healing process for animals!

It was one of the most beautiful things that happened to me – like a real awakening – and it changed my life forever. I was rationally trying to become a vegetarian, but would still occasionally eat fish and feel bad about refusing meat at friend’s dinner parties. After that, I just could not bear the thought of eating an animal again. I saw this goat’s soul, and it was just like mine.

From there on, I have felt a deep, deep compassion towards all animals in a different level to what I felt before. It comes straight from the heart. I have since been feeling deeply moved, crying good and sad tears, and very emotional about all creatures. My heart is filled with joy when I can help any animal with healing energy – or even at the thought of this possibility!