Pet Reiki

Paula's pet care in London: house sitting, pet sitting, healing, reiki

About Paula

I was born in Brazil and moved to London in 2002.

Since I was a child, I had a huge love for animals and dreamed to become a vet. As I grew up, I decided I would be a Psychologist instead, as I could not deal with blood. When time came to go to university, I somehow ended up doing a degree in Social Communication and Journalism.

In London, I became a translator, started working for an amazing organisation – Global Voices Online – and eventually I felt drawn to healing in my spare time. I was looking for something that would fulfil me. In the apice of my existential crisis, I found Psychosynthesis, and I started a counselling training with the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust I had gone one step back.

Psychosynthesis training is very experiential and gave me the tools to explore who I am, what my passions are and my purpose in life. It was then that I remembered: my dream was indeed to work with animals. By end of 2012, I had decided to try to find a path into healing animals and in 2014 I became a pet sitter!


I have been studying Spiritual Healing with The Healing Trust and started in Reiki with The London College of Spirituality. Healing is a very intregal part of the Brazilian culture and in the beginning, this was a way to reconnect to my roots. It then became a very meaningful part of my life.

I have felt since the beginning very drawn to work with animals and I decided to specialise in healing them after meeting a goat. I felt healing was the perfect way to realise my childhood dream. I am going the second step back towards the child that knew better!

As a good omen, my first job in London, when I could not speak any English, was “bird-sitting” in a pet shop supplier! I used to do the feeding and cleaning of hundreds of birds, to make company to parrots and found time to play with their Jack Russel. I wish I hadn’t waited 10 years to follow the lead, but as I believe everything happens for a reason and at the right time, here am I.

While I engage in the long process of Self-realisation, I am aware that I grow and change all the time. But if I there is something I am sure of, it is that I have always loved animals, so now I want to spend my time surrounded by wonderful pets and their nice people, like when I was a child.

My future

As I write these lines, I am aware that I am responsible for co-creating my future together with the higher intelligence of the universe. My dream job would be something joining all my skills in tasks that facilitate healing for pets and people, better communication with animals, and better relations between the human and animal kingdoms.

Pet therapy is a possibility, but anything along the lines of animals healing people and people healing animals interests me. I am also like talking about the transition to the spiritual life and bereavement, and consider setting up a group for pet bereavement, specialising in this important work when I finish my Psychosynthesis training.

I have a very good job at the moment, but I am open to proposals closer to my heart calling! For now, I manage to have the best of both worlds by offering pet sitting combined with house sitting – so I work for Global Voices and do my translations from the comfort of my clients’ home, happily moving all over London. Have treat, will travel!