Pet Reiki

Paula's pet care in London: house sitting, pet sitting, healing, reiki


My name is Paula and animals are my passion. I offer a combined house and pet sitting service, in addition to ‘face to muzzle’ healing/reiki for various physical and emotional conditions, distant healing, and pet loss chats. Please see a list of my services and some of my clients.

I believe animals have the power to heal people, and I am grateful for the ability humans have to give healing to them too. I do reiki and energy healing for pets and people. I am an insured student of The Healing Trust/NFSH and a Reiki practitioner (level 1). For free distant healing, please visit our Animal Healing Circle.

Please take some time to get to know who I am, read about animals in my life and how meeting a goat in Central London changed me forever. If you feel I could help your pets, get in touch or send me an email. I also have a not so updated tumblr blog about animals healing humans and humans healing animals, and an erratic Twitter account: @PetReiki.

Thank you!


Header credit: Aris Sánchez, Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). Avatar credit: anomalous4, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)